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Recreation & entertainment in Hissar Hotel - SPA Complex - Hissar

Hissar Hotel - SPA Complex - recreation

The water in the swimming pool is mineral.


The Spa Center is a separate two-storey building connected with the hotel by means of a hot connection. The building is equipped with new contemporary medical and cosmetic apparatuses. All appliances use the healing power of the mineral water in Hisar and the procedures are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified medical staff.

The modules for pleasure and rehabilitation (whirlpool bath, sauna with swimming-pool, vertical cabin for steam bathing, contrast shower and classical tangentor) are located on the first floor.

Nine combined tubes with pearl and hydro-massage nozzles, with music and colour therapy are installed on the second floor. Each tube has over 10 types therapeutic programs as well as a container for aroma- and algotherapy.

Hydro-massage shower cabin - The harmonic and ergonomic external design is emphasized by the starry sky and the vast internal space. In addition, the steam bathe effect is strengthened by the contrast shower and vertical hydro-massage by means of roll-nozzles programmed to work in succession together with cervical cascade. The nozzle, which is pointed to the feet, ensures effective feet massage. FOUNTAIN OF LIFE - The concept fountain of life, where the aroma, colours and music combine with the relaxing force of the hydro-massage leads to regeneration of your energy balance. The therapy includes hydro-massage, ozone-based pearl massage and combination of the two massages by means of turbo-system. All this is well-balanced and has an exquisite design. TANGDETOR an underwater shower massage is carried out by means of a nozzle. The pressure of the water jet massaging the body is between 2 and 3 atmospheres. It is used for treatment and prevention of skeletal and muscular system diseases. SOLARIUM professional, new generation, it keeps a constant temperature throughout the whole sance. 32 pipes with capacity of 100 Watt ensure the perfect tan of the face and body. PEARL BATH-TUBE - The bath-tube is designed for complete rehabilitation, which is ensured by the ergonomic comfort, soft cushion for the head and effective lower extremities hydro-massage carried out in sitting position. The client may choose water and air hydro-massage, soft air massage with ozone or combination of the two massages by means of turbo-system.

Facial care

Galvanic treatment deeply cleanses the skin by means of slight galvanic current. It removes the dead cells from the surface and at the same time massages the skin. Ionophoresis allows the absorbance of different cosmetic products by the most external skin layer and thermo-massage improves the skin micro-circulation. Vacuum and air massage ensure soft stimulation by means of air vibrations and suctions.

Hisar Hotel offers medical services for treatment and prevention as well as for de-toxication, pleasure and beauty. Te hotel is suitable for healing and prevention of diseases of skeletal and muscular system, peripheral nervous system, digestive and endocrine systems. After the patient has been thorough examined, an individual therapy is chosen, which includes individual or combined application of potable mineral water treatment, special individual gymnastic, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, fangotherapy, balneotherapy. The mineral water used for the treatment in Hisar Hotel is from Parilkite spring and is characterized with: hyper-thermal 42C, slightly mineralized, hydro-carbonated, with alkaline reaction (pH 8.9), radium emanation 128. These properties make this water suitable for treatment of skeletal and muscular system diseases. Physiotherapy includes independent or combined application of low-frequency currents which basic effect is painkilling and anti-inflammatory.

Paraffin treatment

white, water-free solid paraffin is melted at 52-55C. It has high heat capacity and low heat conductivity. Paraffin applications have pain-soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. They improve the tissue sustenance and stimulate tissue regeneration. It is used for treatment of traumas and inflammations of joints and soft tissue.


Fangotherapy is a method which uses substance based on organic and non-organic materials formed naturally in the soil under the influence of specific climatic, biological and geological conditions and this substance is applied on human body. Physiological effect of the mud is in two directions: 1. Thermal effect 2. Chemical effect the organic substances dissolved in the mud, penetrate the skin thus causing a lot of positive chemical reactions in the body. Disturbed functions and pathologic conditions are normalized in nervous-reflex and humoral way. The mud used in Hisar Hotel is taken from Pomorie Bulgaria. It is black, cream-like consistency, alkaline reaction (pH over 7), with ammonia, smelling salts and chlorides. It has high relative weight and low hygroscopic capacity. It is rich in sulphur and it has high heat conductivity. The mud is used for prevention and treatment of skeletal and muscular system diseases. A therapeutic course lasts between 7 to 10 days.

The outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool is modern, attractive and spacious. It is situated in the hotel park in the woods among the beautiful nature. The attractions are whirlpool bath, the different levels of the pool, Water bar and Bistro bar. There is a small swimming pool for children, with a lot of entertainments and surprises.

The indoor swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool (swim cap mandatory!) offers 6 corridors , where you can swim or just to lie back in a chaise lounge. It is located in a separate building connected to the hotel with a covered corridor. The water is mineral with constant temperature of 27-28. The Relax centre is located near the pool. That complex of pleasures, having an immediate effect on both body and soul, offers sauna, steam bath and a pool with hot mineral water. There you can rest and forget the reality.

Outdoor swimming pool: yes, not heated, 30 degree
Indoor swimming pool: yes, free, 30 degree
Deckchairs: yes, free
Parasols: yes, free
Spa center: yes
Massage: yes, on payment
Fitness: yes, free
Finnish sauna: yes, free
Steam bath: yes, free
Solarium: yes, on payment
Whirlpool bath: yes, free
Spa procedures: yes, on payment

Hissar Hotel - SPA Complex - entertainment

Tennis court

For your excellent spending of free time Spa Hotel "Hissar" offers you to visit the 2 newly built tennis courts, with professional tennis pavement. It is preferred not only by the professional tennis-players but it also arouses a great interest among the amateurs. The courts are next to the outdoor swimming pool. The pleasure of the game is enormous!


The recreation centre offers more than 10 different programs for recreation, rejuvenation, overweight and cellulite treatment. The fitness hall is equipped with modern apparatus and cardiogram-systems.


Bowling hall has 6 corridors, billiards and table football! The bowling center has 6 lanes last generation product of the American company BRUNSWICK. A team of professional bowling instructors takes care of the comfort of players and the technical maintenance of equipment. The bowling shoes are disinfected after modern technology with special antimycotic sprays. The facility was built in compliance with international standards and it gives opportunity for the implementation of both professional and unprofessional tournaments. Working time from 11:00 to 24:00


Teambuilding through Paintball the best training for developing internal command relations is lately being used not only by the special services, but also by businessmen, who want to test their team or to create a new team by selecting the appropriate people. The game Paintball is like Chess. It requires intelligence and concentration. Only strength and speed is not enough to become a winner. This is why strategy is very important.

Animation: yes, free
Gameroom: yes, free
Billards: yes, on payment
Bowling: yes, on payment
Table tennis: yes, on payment
Tennis court: yes, on payment

Hissar Hotel - SPA Complex - For the kids

Baby cot: yes, free
Child chair: yes, free
Children playground: yes, free
Children animation: yes, free
Children swimming pool: yes, free

Hissar Hotel - SPA Complex - night life

Night Bar

The entertainments of the hotel "Hissar" will continue to surprise you and perfectly complete your stay with the Night bar. It is sophisticated and modern furnished. There you will find a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails and cigars. Our DJ and young staff will take care of your impeccable service and good mood. There is also a billiard, a table-tennis, a chess, a queen.